SHOW REVIEW / Enrique Bunbury in Argentina



by Jimena Coltrinari & Maximiliano Curcio

In a tremendous and triumphant comeback, Enrique Bunbury completed, on December 5, his long-awaited rebirth on stage at the Movistar Arena Stadium in Villa Crespo. Having overcome the uncertainty of the forced retirement that led to the suspension of the tour for his thirty-five-year career (the last concert was in May of last year, in Atlanta, USA), due to the deep discomfort caused by a smoke component (glycol) emitted by effect machines, the magnificent Aragonese singer, composer and poet dazzled an excited Buenos Aires audience.

Through two hours of show, and in the context of the official presentation of his newest album, «Greta Garbo» (published by Warner, with production by Adán Jodorowsky, last May), Enrique met on stage with his dear Holy Innocents (Álvaro Suite, on guitar; Jorge Rebenaque, on keyboards; Jordi Mena, on guitar; Ramón Gacias, on drums; Quino Béjar, on percussion; Robert Castellanos, on bass; and Erin Memento, on keyboards), after sixteen years of uninterrupted adventures and yet another example of their already proven chemistry together.