The simultaneous release of "Use Your Illusion I and II" shocked the American music scene. At midnight on September 17, 1991, a diptych of albums that would become two of the greatest rock creations of all time went on sale on Tower Records. Two double discs contained around thirty songs. Demented for these times where the physical format perishes. Some of them were longer than eight of those gems that are no longer made. The sonorous magnificence, the long duration and the style by which both products had been conceived made them belong to an era that today seems nostalgic to us. They could have messed around with some classic Led Zeppelin, Queen or Black Sabbath LPs, and not clash at all. Precursors of a new era or intimate enemies remote-directed towards collapse, they made their way in the middle of a musical map that witnessed the proliferation of grunge. Rock Ain't Dead, let's buy the hope for the new millennium.

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