The distance between the pain

and the angriest bone of my body

is a single syllable word

hanging in the corner of your eyes

there was a time

the rules were of the heart

until the heart ceased to rule

none of us here, not anymore

oh, do not forsake, my darling

the backstreet affair

now that the dirt is all around us

love grows into loath when's gone

as heavier's the head wearing the crown

I would fuck you to death

but it happens to be

I still love myself


Half of the truth goes without saying

although there comes a point

a person will be no more


this is the state of things

another case with a loose end

and all I need is a clean blade

where barely buried love lies bleeding

in a bathful brash of my own

clotted blood's everywhere

I guess at least you'll get

the sweetest splatter

don't you dare just to pretend

we're playing hide and seek

I've been feeding the sharks for so long

all of the beautiful faces I found


In a bloodshed party

humanity has been cheated

and the guilt upon this world

darkens an ugly void to fill

indeed, this is still

getting more violent

as above, so is below

to shape ourselves

welcome to the wasteland!

it's only our nature

you get what you give

eager to devastate

I can wait, wide awake

for the moment of repent

at a less warm sunset

without lust


Time is a flat line

held by the ill

wrapped up in plastic

the future seems to be ripe

lest we forget

the pleasure left out of reach

I'm already too old to die young

and it's getting late

did I cause you any harm

by falling down?

a soul for sale has no more purpose

once the sake was of the prettiest

every mind has a past of it's own

and the first thing we do is to kill

don't take for granted a tender sin

nor the way of sacrifice


These are my back pages

and I never wanted to fix it

rather become a fixation

trauma is a trend nowadays

on body and soul I committed

to the fright break

not always a juggernaut

will be the next of kin

in the interest of accuracy

I'm aware of the damage beneath

casualties and vanquished

tied up with ribbons and laces

I used to love each one of them

under the edge of the knife

as far as conceivable

the wicked turned out to be the weak


The bloodiest thing that ever happened

it's about to take place right now

a rage of evil will only be enough

to obliterate the comfort of the immaculate

as fear arises, the disease prevails

anticipating a spreading disaster

there's so much more to break trough

than a smiley face theory dying down

I don't want anyone else to lie

sickness's the other way around

not just a statistic amid the deviated

in one magnificent wreckage

he's been waiting for this moment

and the very next day we all be sorry

a fallen angel from a barren seed

licking a star


All of us strangers, here we are

staring up at each other

numbed by the scent of our rotten flesh

nothing's so sweet as a nasty orchid

a hollow above is shining so bright

like a spaceship mirroring God

undefeated, it shall not perish

eternity holds human's despair

how far we'd go back to refrain?

still shackled to the armour and the frame

deprived, free will's the real self-deception

only steps away from reaching nowhere

forever lost is the fortune of the unborn

vanished on a flitting glimpse

the day before the future ends

drifting across the border of the atrocious