The domestic screen examines the myth. PURPLE AND GOLD MAGIC IN HOLLYWOOD LANDS

Created by Max Borenstein for HBO and directed by the always sharp and incisive Adam McKay ("The Big Short," "Don't Look Up"), "Winning Time" takes us right into the heart of one of basketball's greatest phenomena. preponderant of the American professional era. If the city of Los Angeles condenses all the glamour, ambition and illusion of grandeur at the foot of the California valley, the Lakers franchise created a model of infallible success, linked to spectacularity and excess in equal measure. Nor was it exempt from the gigantic obstacles that stood in the way of a path mined by egos. High octane offense on the field, sex, drugs and all kinds of temptation off it. Crowded and uncontrolled parties, who doesn't want to be a jet setter? An explosive cocktail where Jerry Buss (played by John C. Reilly, the former magnate of the purple and gold franchise) is the center of a brutal scene. Outside, the city burns and it seems that no one sleeps, while, inside the corridors of the Forum, a dialectical war is brewing.

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