Pedro Almodóvar returns to the big screen, and he does so with a medium-length film, the second of his recent crop since "Voz Humana" (2021), in a format that he has decided to explore frequently towards the maturity of his career, leaning towards a more compact footage that allows you to develop certain kinds of stories that would be conditioned in a feature-length film. Inexhaustible, Pedro writes non-stop, and the least thought of events end up becoming key triggers for future stories; the original seed of fictional plots that he writes with feverish impetus and end up in a drawer to later come to light, sometimes in the form of a film script, sometimes in the form of a story within a book that compiles them.

As a passport to her first feature film shot in Hollywood (the announced and still late "A Manual for Cleaning Woman", starring Cate Blanchett), "Strange Way of Life" is assumed to be an exquisite copy of the author, destined for release in streaming channels for the MUBI platform.

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